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You're an Artist

You believe that art has the power to create positive change. You're not afraid to share your creative vision, and you're ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Volunteer Ideas or Place you likely now volunteer:

Bring artful projects to seniors and children or work with adult literacy.

Image of artist

You're an Athlete

You love to stay active and play, or watch sports. You're team-oriented, you have a strong work ethic, and you create change through collaboration.

Volunteer Ideas or Place you likely now volunteer:

Coach a kids' sports team, Assist at a physical or occupational therapy center, Coordinate a charity walk event, Bend over to pick up trash and help clean up your communities.

Image of athlete's tools

You're an Adventurer

You have a passion for animals, nature, and spending time outdoors. You want to share new ideas and experiences with others. You're not afraid to take risks to accomplish something great.

Volunteer Ideas or Place you likely now volunteer:

Lead an outdoor city or country-side trip, Work in a community garden, Volunteer at an animal sanctuary or shelter.

Image of adventurer's tools

You're an Advocate

You're ready to speak up for solutions or against injustice. You're not content to and wait for change to happen - you look at the big picture then take action to make change happen.

Volunteer Ideas or Place you likely now volunteer:

Help the homeless on the streets, Answer calls for an LGBT hotline, Volunteer with a hospice or hospitals.

Image of advocate's tools

You're a Caretaker

You make your community a better place for others. You're warm, patient, full of love, and always ready to lend a helping hand. You enjoy collaborating. The group can always rely on.

Volunteer Ideas or Place you likely now volunteer:

Potluck for grieving families, bake sides for women's shelter, Volunteer at a senior home, Serve as a youth mentor.

Image of caretaker's tools

You're a Techie

You've always got the new gizmo. You love coming up with new strategies and solutions, and you believe that we can create a better future for our communities.

Volunteer Ideas or Place you likely now volunteer:

Use your IT skills to help a local nonprofit update their systems, or log volunteer time for organizations, Tutor ESL students on computers, Web design for local charities. #getitdone

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